Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Summer 2011: Theme Weeks

This summer, I'm home with my 2.5 year old (the Shark) and my 7 month old (the Bear). I've planned theme weeks for the summer, so that we don't end up watching TV for twelve straight weeks. I mean, I like Dinosaur Train and all, but when you start wondering things like, "who prints the brochures for that little stand at Pteranadon Terrace?" then you know it's time to get out of the house.

I'll be blogging the weeks, with pics and links to activities and ideas and whatnot, in the hopes that it keeps  someone else from dying of boredom or from too much Dinosaur Train.

I will try to link the theme with whatever is going on in my area at the time. For example, my neighborhood association is hosting a butterfly event this Sunday, so for the rest of this week, we'll be doing caterpillar/butterfly activities. This should be a pretty tame week, since we just returned from a major road trip, but we'll do crafts, songs, books, movies, etc, etc, etc. The other weeks will include more games, day trips, and such.

Other weeks will include themes like:

Stay tuned, and don't forget to pack snacks.