Sunday, June 5, 2011

Butterfly Conservatory: Texas Discovery Gardens

We went to the butterfly conservatory here in Dallas, also known as the Texas Discovery Gardens.
It was great!

See the brown butterfly? Sorry that I don't have a totally awesome zoom lens. YET.

We arrived just in time to see a butterfly release!!

 They had two big laundry hampers (maybe they were fancy butterfly transportation devices?) full of butterflies.

So pretty! Can you see the red & black butterfly below? It's called a Small Postman. I am not making that up.

And my baby's chunky hand as he tries to grab it? (No butterflies were harmed.) He loved watching the butterflies fly around.

It was a beautiful place, but it was SO STINKING HOT. Apparently butterflies like warmth. And humidity. And it was 95 degrees outside. And even hotter inside the conservatory.

Perfect for butterflies, if a bit warm for us. It would be lovely and tropical in the winter, I think.

The Shark ADORED it. He wanted to stay and run about wildly on all the levels and bridges. Sadly, he had to behave, and was not allowed to run about like a monkey.


The gift shop at the Texas Discovery Garden is AWESOME for butterfly and bug stuff. We didn't get anything there, because the kids were melting down and my husband was just melting. But it had every possible butterfly-related item you could think of, including a zillion different sticker books for $1.50. You can pop in the gift shop without paying admission, if you need to stock up or something.

We recommend the garden, though, and will probably come back another time! In the winter, that is. 
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