Monday, June 20, 2011

Dallas Firefighter Museum

This weekend, we went to the Dallas Firefighter's Museum.

It's in Fair Park. Or, I should say, directly across from Fair Park. And I do mean directly across. It's right across from the Women's Museum, about two steps from the Fair Park DART rail stop.

If I'd known how easy it would be to get there, and to park, I would have taken the boys by myself. That's right - I'm saying you could take two small children to this place by yourself.

cool railing built of ladders & nozzles
I did have the Bear in the baby Bjorn, just so you know, which made the stairs much easier. You don't have to go upstairs, though- all the FIRE TRUCKS are downstairs.

Including this old beauty.

In the tradition of firefighters being super duper nice, the retired fireman who was in charge that day was incredibly nice, and very knowledgeable. We went a little late in the afternoon, and were the only people there. He gave us a little tour, plus coloring pages and crayons.

They have this fire engine that the kids are allowed to climb all over, plus some helmets, coats and boots they can wear. It's awesome.

They can't climb on the antique engines, but they are amazing to see.

The Shark named this one "Sparky."

The museum is cool, but they are getting ready to remodel the upstairs and make it even cooler and more kid-centric. Did I mention admission is really cheap?

The museum is in an old firehouse, and it has beautiful light. (All these photos were taken with the Camera+ app for iPhone; Lomographic filter).

There are awards and plaques and medals everywhere.

The current upstairs, about to be remodeled.

Fire Alarm demonstrator? I thought it was cool.

The Shark liked all the toy/model fire engines.

I definitely recommend a trip to this museum. If you live west of Dallas, you could also visit the Texas Fire museum, which is a different thing (owned by a private organization), over in southwest Dallas.

But for us the Dallas Firefighter Museum was super fun, and a great way to cap off Fire Engine Week!


  1. Posted admission is $4 for adults, $2 for kids. Parking is free on the street (we parked right next to the entrance, in the shade!) We actually weren't charged admission; I guess we looked friendly? It's a very casual sort of establishment, for a museum.