Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Butterfly Memory Game Cards

The Shark loves to play matching games, so I downloaded this butterfly memory game for our butterfly week. Click on the picture to get all three pages of cards from

My printer decided it wasn't going to print on cardstock today, so I printed them on white paper. I was worried the paper wouldn't stand up to my 2.5 yr old, so I used spray adhesive (because it was readily accessible, that's why) to mount the cards onto pretty cardstock. I have a drawer full of pretty papers, and look! This one has butterflies!

Extra credit: have white cardstock on hand. Print cool butterfly-themed pattern on the back of the cards so that you don't have to go the spray-adhesive route.

This is a lot of butterflies. The Shark likes finding the matches; he isn't quite up to the memory game with this many cards. We play with 8-12 cards for best results.

I was going to put the cards in a ziploc bag, but I found this balsa wood container in the paper drawer. It closes with the string and button. It had a price tag on the back that said $2.99, so I guess it wasn't expensive. It's pretty, though, and will keep the cards together.

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