Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Visit to the Fire Station

Firemen are awesome.

Today, we went to our local fire station. Technically, if you want a tour, you are supposed to call the administrative hotline and schedule a tour at least ten days in advance. That is probably a good idea if you have a big group, or older kids. But the very kind man on the phone told me that since I only had one little boy (and the baby), we were welcome to stop at our local station and just knock on the door.

Tutorial for this vest is coming up. You are going to LOVE it.

So we made a nice card and some oatmeal raisin cookies, and knocked on the door. I am pretty sure that if you bring a homemade card and some homemade cookies, you could get into Fort Knox.

But guess what? Firemen are the nicest people in the WORLD. They welcomed us right in and showed us around the station. They were super duper incredibly awesome. 

Also, the fire station is the cleanest place in the world. You could eat off the floor. Or, you could before the Bear spit up on the nice clean floor (sorry, firemen). 

Oooh, guess what else I learned? The female fire fighter told me that "fireman" was considered a gender neutral term, and could be applied to both men and women. She was super nice, too. And pretty. I wondered whether she wore mascara, and if it was heat-proof, because mine melts and sticks my eyelashes together every time I open the oven door. I should have asked her.

As much as he loves fire trucks, The Shark was terrified of the fire engine up close. Total freak out. On the way to the car, though, he couldn't stop talking about "so much fun!" and "Fiwer station!"

They gave us a kids' fire safety handout that we did when we went home, which talked about going outside when you hear the smoke detector. The parent is supposed to use the smoke detector test button, which I did. Guess what? Dead battery. So I changed it, and then did the test button, and we ran outside for our fire drill. If we hadn't gone to the fire station today, who knows how long it would have been before I noticed? Thanks, fire fighters!

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  1. Ha! My mascara does that too when I open the oven door. I always feel like my eyelashes have melted off.