Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Butterfly sandwiches

For butterfly week, I made butterfly sandwiches.
I don't have a butterfly cookie cutter, so I just freehanded it with a knife.
It would probably be cuter with all of the crusts cut off, but I hate wasting food.

Mmake the sandwich BEFORE you cut out the shape.

I added pretzel antennae, since I had pretzels.

Since we read the Very Hungry Caterpillar today, we had a slice of watermelon.

But I was thinking (after we ate them), wouldn't it be SO CUTE to make open face butterfly-shaped sandwiches (no top piece of bread), and decorate them to look like butterflies with pickles, tomato, pieces of cheese, dots of mustard, avocado...
Or you could do an open face with peanut butter, and use a squeeze bottle of jelly, or pieces of fruit. How cute would that be? Very cute, I say. And jelly comes all up in squeeze bottles these days, or so I hear.

I think I'll make a different variation on these for lunch tomorrow.

Extra credit:
Use food color spray to tint the bread in butterfly wing designs.
Or make your own rainbow colored bread for the butterfly.

I ate a butterfly sandwich, too.
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